Casa Son Vida - Mallorca, Spai


Aceasta s-ar putea sa nu se potriveasca cu viziunea ta despre ce inseamna o casa, dar este un proiect indraznet si amuzant, si a atras cu siguranta atentia mass-media. Masurand 8500 metri patrati, Casa Son Vida este o colaborare intre trei puteri: dezvoltatorul rezidential de lux Cosmopolitan Estates, designerul eclectic olandez si fondator al Mooi, Marcel Wanders, premiat la Los Angeles, Elvetia si Hong Kong tecARCHITECTURE.

Casa Son Vida is located in the Balearic Islands off Spain, on the Island of Mallorca, where humans have lived since 6000-4000 BC and where more recently, tourists have over-crowded every beach. But Casa Son Vida avoids the touristy kitsch and aims much higher. It is in the exclusive Son Vida community, just 15 minutes from the capital of Palma.

Casa Son Vida is in fact a reno of a 1960s Mediterranean villa, but it has been turned into an fantastic, sprawling luxury residence, designed to attract the young, discerning and bold, who are confident and design-savvy enough to know what they are looking at.

The handiwork of Marcel Wanders is evident everywhere in the Casa that looks a bit like an unruly movie set with its dino-bone exterior staircase, and various bits and pieces that remind you of Tomorrowland, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo and, of course, Alice in Wonderland.

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