Hydrogenase / Vincent Callebaut


Autor: Karen Cilento

Aproape cu un an in urma am scris un articol despre ideea radicala a lui Callebaut pentru o ferma verticala situata la marginea de sud a Roosevelt Island, New York. Este frumos sa vezi cum cel mai recent proiect al lui Callebaut, Hydrogenase, ofera in continuare acelasi rezultat dinamic, dar de data aceasta, in loc de abordarea problemei lipsei de alimente, aceasta isi propune sa creeze un dirijabil auto-sustenabil organic. Acest concept de sistem de transport ar fi compus din aeronave care produc biocombustibil din alge marine. Proiectul a fost inspirat din natura, precum si din calitatile materialelor si proceselor sale de auto-productie.

Aeronavele verticale vor fi locuite si ofera "o mobilitate curata si etica pentru a satisface nevoile populatiei aflate in primejdie, atinse de catastrofe naturale sau sanitare, si toate acestea fara vreo pista. Arhitectura sa este subversiva si fundamental critica  in fata modurilor de viata ale societatii noastre contemporane pe care trebuie sa le reinventeze complet. "

Callebaut also conceived various generations of the Hydrogenase that will be released in 2015, 2020, and 2030 - each with more advancements and striving to become a 100% self-sufficence organic airship. In 2015, it creates a sustainable mobility sector, in 2020, it moves toward an aerial revolution and generation of airships, in 2030, the project aims to become the self-sufficient airship.

The Hydrogenase of 2030 will question "our frenetic society and think differently to the mobility and services." The inhabited vertical airship will reload directly with bio-hydrogen. With two interdependent entities, one flies in the sky and the second one on the seas and oceans.

The ship that flourishes in the air seems like a big flower ready to open as the spaces divide in cross under the shape of petals. The spaces are designed for housing, offices, scientific laboratories and entertainment. The steam around these petals form the vertical circulations, the technical premises and the goods warehouses for the freight.

These 4 inhabited spaces are included between 4 great bubbles inflated with bio-hydrogen, a renewable energy. These bubbles are made with a rigid hull in light alloy shaped with twisted longitudinal beams linked together by wide sinusoidal rings. The floating organic farm is a true organic purifying station composed of 4 carbon wells in which the green seaweeds recycle our carbonated waste brought by ships. This is directly dedicated to feed organically in biohydrogen the proactive airship. It replaces thus the petrol station as the runway for traditional airplanes and looks like a weaving of fine amphibian laces.

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