Iurreta's Town Hall Offices / Aitor Martinez de Zuazo


Autor: Nico Saieh

Arhitecti: Aitor Martinez de Zuazo López de Ullíbarri & Zorrakin Igor
Locatie: Iurreta, provincie in Spania
Colaborator: Blanca San Vicente López de Juan Abad - Interior Designer
Client: Iurreta Eleizateko Udala / Ayuntamiento de la Anteiglesia de Iurreta
Zona de proiect: 211,60 mp
An de proiect: 2009
Fotografii: Studios Sinestesia

Complexitatea morfologica a a terenului curbat este ideea generatoare principala a proiectului. 
 Geometria curbei este utilizata pentru a defini si a integra intregul proiect, precum si spatiile care decurg din el.

Scopul nostru este relatia dintre utilizarea publica si privata, precum si intre diferitele utilizari private.Rezolvarea utilizari complexe si diferite a fost o provocare pentru autori.

Therefore it is to standardize and distribute in the same space applications as diverse as local police, tax collector, peace court, town hall offices and meeting rooms, all provided in relationship to the public area / waiting room / internal Square.

At the entrance is located the area of local police attention, and from here you can access to the waiting room / interior square, which opens to the tax collector, peace court, offices, meeting rooms and public toilets, and access to the interior of the local police private offices. From the interior access to local police also distributed: office, warehouse, toilet, utility room and main office for the police chief.

In this way, the public area is available in three volumes apparent from the outside: The entrance separates both Tax Collector and local police offices, and this court by the vainly light entering the inner square. This makes independent areas between local police offices and the rest of private offices and by the way allows visual contact from the waiting room to the outside.

This provision of space provides a continuity of interior and exterior that is enhanced by cladding materials for different uses, and that enters and leaves the skin inside while and re-enters from the outside. Is created as a travel and a seemingly endless cycle over all spaces.
Police from the entrance, the rest from the attending desks, and the public from the waiting room, are always innerrelated between all of them. Generating diverse dialogues of citizens and town hall employers, making this veil disappear and getting closer to citizens requests.

The way of creating this all fluent and easyrelational space was with the use of a continuous skin, that serves for the distribution of all inner and outer spaces , that alternates two different materials arranged in horizontal bands with changing thicknesses. One of them opaque, powers fluency, while another translucent filter does entry of natural light and artificial light output, making the front and partitions a living organism in motion.

This together with the perimetral cavities lighting the perimetral band that divides the public space from private offices and a series of orange lines on the continuous pavement white that guides the user inside the space, reinforce these feelings.


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