Meier Model Museum



La o distanta de un bloc de East River si de semnul Pepsi din orasul Long Island se afla Muzeul de Machete Richard Meier. Prezenta acestuia este subtil anuntata de un semn care are fontul, culorile si spatierile specifice monografiei arhitectului folosite chiar si pe pagina web si insotite de stampila arhitectului.

[usa modesta de la intrarea din fata a  Muzeului de Machete Richard Meier]

Ieri am fost destul de norocos pentru a participa la un tur de presa al muzeului cu arhitectul insusi, cu o zi inainte de a redeschide pentru public pentru sezonul 2010. Mai jos sunt cateva fotografii pe care le-am facut si unele comentarii cu privire la spatiul SF 3600 cu lucrari din anii 1960 pana in prezent.

[vedere de la intrarea in muzeu]

Entering the third floor museum, the primarily wood models stand out in the all-white space. About half of the square footage is occupied by Getty Center models, from small-scale studies to a huge highly detailed, 16-piece model (foreground above) and an inhabitable gallery space used for studying daylighting (background above). The effect is certainly overwhelming, further elevating the significance of the master architect.

What comes across in the myriad models is an unbelievable level of perfection and a consistency that jibes with Meier's buildings across his 40-odd year career. Study models seen earlier in a brief tour of Meier's west side office were anything but, resembling finished models more than works in progress. Precision and a refinement of space, light, material and detail predominate. My own tastes lean towards architects who vary their output in form and style according to the site and program at hand, but my admittedly inferior model-making skills make me appreciate the craft and patience they exhibit.


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