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December 2009 - Here follows a list of projects, solutions, products, designs and installations of companies, architects and designers who have specified DuPont(tm) Corian(R) in this press kit. Each of the pages in the attached PDF file shows a selection of the images available for each company. Please refer to the last pages of this press kit to see an itemized list of all images.


Antonio Lupi Design
Two new basins from Antonio Lupi Design - Feet and Bacino - made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Feet is a top with integrated basin, with a particular foot shaped basin; Bacino is a rectangular top with integrated round basin. Design Nevio Tellatin.



For the Cinquanta2 collection, the rectangular bathtub and the basin are made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Design Studio interno Arlex.



Arte Bagno Veneta
The Victory bath collection is characterized by hanging, curved, structural elements that incorporate a top with integrated basin in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Design Studio Artè.



For the Monolite collection, fluid shape that reminds a cloud for the AL231 sink in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) combined with a crystal top. Design Anita Brotto.



Arya is an extraordinary design of its kind, as it uniquely integrates the faucet with the washbasin body in a single futuristic and intriguing form in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). The Arya collection also offers a faucet-only version, as well as a shelving system in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Design Marco Pisati.



Blu Bleu
Three new products designed in DuPont(tm) Corian(R): the Zero Cube shower column; the rectangular Enjoy shower pan and the square Joy shower pan. Design Antonio Bullo.


A colourful collection made with different colours of DuPont(tm) Corian(R). 155° is a cylindrical decorated sink with a rotating top made entirely in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Outline combines glass and DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Pliè is a top with integrated sink made with DuPont(tm) Corian(R) colour Glacier White. Design Lucchese Design Concept.


The Interior Design Gallery collection includes an array of bath furnishings - sinks, bath, shower pans - in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Design Giampiero Peia. Kawa is a rounded shape sink in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Nocturne and Grape Green. Design Karim Rashid.



The Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht is an interpretation of elementary water springs, made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Sieger Design.



Fluxe, shower pan available in all DuPont(tm) Corian(R) colours, with removable slats in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White; Atoll shower pan available in all DuPont(tm) Corian(R) colours. Design Studio Tecnico G.A.L.. The DL1 shower pan in DuPont(tm) Corian(R): elegant, clean lines form a light concave slope towards the drain. The drain is positioned along one side of the perimeter and hidden beneath a slat made also in DuPont(tm) Corian(R), or in wood. Design David Dolcini.



Geda Nextage
The Maste' collection, the essential lines of the basin in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White are combined with dramatic faucets to create a composition reminiscent of historical wash areas. Design Stefano Spessotto.



The Tempo shower box with multifunctional column in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White, with instruments for colour therapy, Turkish bath, whirlpool bath and i-pod connection. The Bristol collection includes shower trays in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Design Stefano Tondato.



Urban Chic is a bath furnishings project that defines design functionality. Rigorous linearity is used on the 60x60cm modules made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White and Pearl Grey. The Urban Chic collection also includes, a top with two integrated basins made entirely with DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Design Giancarlo Vegni.



Lumen Center Italia
The Leaves table: a round top and base in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) white are colourfully highlighted by an illuminated column of leaf-like decorations. Design Villatosca Design.



Several elements of the Wave, Pluvio, Look and Unit collections, all made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Makro Design.



Kubik is a project that reflects the stylized research around the simple perfection of the cubic shape. The collection, with integrated top and basin in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White, combines aesthetics and functionality. Design Lino Codato. Block is a one-piece bath furnishing that takes inspiration from the Kubik colletion. Also made with DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Design Studio Milldue.



The Twenty collection is an interior design project that can be customized. It includes a top with integrated basin and a shower pan in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Design Andrea Bassanello.



The elegant bath furnishings by MOMADesign are entirely made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). Many designs incorporate some of today's finest and most innovative electronic technologies, such as fiber optics, LED, and remote-control recessed home entertainment systems: Rainshower in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White with over 200 fibre optic light sources for chromotherapy; a shower column; several sinks such as Colonna, Planar Tecno, Regular, Tower Elipse; the Mirr Led mirror with a LED backlit DuPont(tm) Corian(R) frame; the Coiffeuse furniture; several tubs such as Elite Stonage, Tank Book and Tank Double with an integrated fireplace from the collection Pleasure Fire Dimension, Soft Tube and Soft Tube Lite. Design Ignazio Di Masi.



The LOVE collection, a shower pan in DuPont(tm) Corian(R). The drainage of water takes place through cuts in the perimetral square of the logo and on the logo itself. Design Arter&Citton.



New collections of shelves, Piana and Taita, in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. With the shelves of the Taita collection, shelves, soap-holder, glasses and dispenser can be easily positioned on towelrack accordingly with everyone needs. Design Studio OML.



Four collections of bath furnishings in DuPont(tm) Corian(R): the Impro line includes shower, basins (in two sizes), bathtub and furniture. Design Antonio Bullo. The Duna line includes basins and a bathtub. Design Antonio Bullo. The Wave line includes one basin in two versions, one with mirror and one without. Design Simone Micheli. The Block bathroom collection includes several tops with integrated basins, a shower pan and the Block Plus basin. Design Simone Micheli.



The Two Way shower in DuPont(tm) Corian(R), characterized by a rectangular central arc and a double entrance for greater user comfort. Design Vola.



About DuPont(tm) Corian(R) - An exclusive product of DuPont, DuPont(tm) Corian(R) ( is a solid surface material used in a wide range of applications in segments as varied as hospitality, healthcare, catering, publics spaces and retail, as well as in home furnishing, furniture, lighting and decorative objects. It is a non-porous solid surface material that is stain-resistant, easy to clean, durable, renewable and repairable. Available in about 100 standard colours, DuPont(tm) Corian(R) can be shaped into virtually any conceivable design.


DuPont(tm) Corian(R) also delivers an outstanding hygienic performance. The independent organization LGA Qualitest GmbH has certified its hygienic performance, superior to those of a variety of conventional materials, after having completed a range of comparative tests. DuPont(tm) Corian(R) can also contribute to the quality of air in indoor environments. The Greenguard Environmental Institute ( has designated DuPont(tm) Corian(R) as Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified(R). The certification ensures that DuPont(tm) Corian(R) solid surfaces comply with strict emission criteria.


About DuPont - DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

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